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The Benefits of Using Wood Materials Throughout Your Space

Wooden materials throughout interiors are a classic design feature. It can be used for flooring, wall features, benchtops, cupboards, furniture pieces, joinery items… and the list goes on. It is an extremely versatile building material that has been used since the very beginning being a natural material to source, and is still utilised strongly in modern interiors.

But what exactly is it that makes wood materials so loved through all this time? What is the reason that designers, architects, and all design lovers keep referring back to this incredible material? Let’s explore some of the benefits of using timber materials throughout your space and why it has been, and still is, an all-time favourite.


First and foremost, the aesthetics of this product is like no other. It is a natural product, and therefore has an unpredictable grain design with unique colours. True timber essentially paves the way for ‘no two pieces are the same’. The texture is what gives it such uniqueness, as well as a natural shape created from the trunk of a tree. The uniqueness, unpredictable texture and beautifully odd shape make this material so loved.


So not only is this material aesthetically pleasing, but it’s versatile too! It comes in so many shapes and forms.. quite literally. Flooring is a popular way timber is used, as the hardwood acts as a strong sturdy surface for people to walk on. Quite a popular trend amongst interior designers is making feature walls and/ or sculptures out of timber. It makes for an attractive statement, and can be done in countless ways to keep it fun and interesting. Whether it be laid in plank shapes in brick formation, or a herringbone pattern, it always seems to be pulled off. On top of the structural ways timber can be used, there is also joinery items, furniture pieces, columns, and even for landscaping features for a seamless coordinated look!


It’s no secret that timber is a natural product, so it is quite sustainable. These days, the general rule to follow by is one tree is cut down, another 2 gets planted, so if we continue to be environmentally conscious, it is a great sustainable source.


Timeless is often a concept that gets overlooked. So many people are after the latest trends and what’s ‘in’, but sticking to a classic, timeless component such as timber is a wise choice. Another beauty of timber is as it ages, it naturally gets a beautiful aged look. It gains an authentic, earthy texture that has character at all stages of its aging process. Although, if you are tired of the look, all it takes is a simple relacquer for a revamp, to completely switch up the look and bring it back to life.

Bringing The Outside In

Given wood is the earth’s material, it is no doubt it is bringing the outdoor in when using it in an interior space. It reflects the exterior of nature, complimenting the outdoors as a result. Since timber and other wooden features are often used in landscaping from fencing to retaining walls, it really brings together an entire space. This enhances flow throughout a space, which is an important key in successful interior design.

With all this being said, there really no question as to why wood still remains to this day, one of the most popular building materials in many aspects. So next time you’re selecting, well just about anything, keep the benefits of using wood materials in your mind!